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The History of Our Congregation

December 8, 1935 :

Foundation of our congregation by
Father Louis Deslandes, together with the
first six virgins, in the small town of
February 17, 1936 :

Beginning of the “Work of Our Good Mother”
with an elderly woman and two orphans sent
by Providence.
March 25, 1950 :

Construction of the convent in Song-Jong
of Pohang city (Now Pohang Iron and Steel Center).
September 8, 1952 :

Approval of the constitution of the congregation by Bishop Choe, Tok-Heung and Father Deslandes, and “Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus” were officially founded as an indigenous and diocesan congregation.
March 25, 1965 :

The first General Chapter was held, with the Archbishop of Daegu Archdiocese, Sye Chong-Gil, presiding; the first general superior and council were elected.
October 1968:

Removal the convent from Song-Jong to Daijam-Dong due to the government’s expropriation for the establishment of Pohang Iron and Steel Center.
November 17, 1972 :

Death of our Founder,
Father Louis Deslandes.
March, 1992 :

Removal of the general house to Daegu.
February 2, 2009

Foundation of the Providences
(Daegu, Busan, Seoul)
Our congregation started 68 years ago, founded by Father Louis Deslandes, a member of the Society of Paris Foreign Missions and the parish priest of Yong-Pyong Parish in the prefecture of Yeong-Chen, who found six virgins devoted to parochial activity.

They made the vow of virginity on December 8, 1935. Father Louis Deslandes gathered them into the community called “Sam-Duck-Dang,” in other words, the place where the three evangelical virtues are practiced.

This was the small group that Providence chose, six virgins who were to be simple instruments like “crumbs”, the origin of the congregation of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. At this time without any special projects (plans), they helped Father Louis Deslandes with his parochial ministry, as catechists, sacristans, etc.

On February 17, 1936, after they learned that an elderly woman had spent the night on the road and was dying, they took her in. Later, the six virgins received two sisters of 6 or 7 years old whose father was leprous.  These two events marked the origin of the “Work of Our Good Mother”

After that, without any projects, only committing themselves completely to Providence, and always seeking the will of God in the events of their everyday life, the six virgins lived the life of “handmaids always standing ready.” The founder Father Louis Deslandes who had withdrawn himself from parochial ministry, was now entirely occupied with the ministry of his work and the community, being filled with the spirit of a missionary. He found a parcel of land at the seashore of Song-Jong near the bay of Yong-Il (where the Pohang Iron and Steel Center now stands) on March 25, 1950. It is there that the community raised a number of orphans, took care of the handicapped, the aged, the lepers, and evangelized the children in the nearby villages.

Then the Korean War broke out. Father Louis Deslandes and the community that had been persecuted under the Japanese colonial government also suffered from the war. After the war he had to share the suffering of all the poor dispersed throughout Korean land.

On September 8, 1952, the Bishop of Daegu, Mgr. Choe Tok-Heung John, approved the community, which was henceforth called “Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.” From this moment, the novitiate started for the formation of postulants, with the help of the Sisters of Paul Saint of Chartres. The Constitutions, after being sanctioned by the Vatican, were approved by the Bishop of Daegu. Mgr. Sye, Chong-Gil John, and then for the first time, thirteen sisters, from the first group to the fourth, made their perpetual professions.

On March 25, 1965, the first General Chapter elected Sister Kim Bernadette as the first General Superior, and then the founder, Father Louis Deslandes retired in December of the same year. Thus the Congregation assumed charge of its entire works. Also, two Sisters of Paul Saint of Chartres who had shared the difficulties of the congregation at its transition period, now returned to their own congregation.

On November 17, 1972, the founder Father Louis Deslandes finished his all life, and the generalate was transferred to its present location in Daegu in March  of 1992.

According to the decision of the 11th general chapter(January 14, 2008), we founded the Daegu, Busan, Seoul province in South Korea, that are our first provinces in our congregation on February 2, 2009.
The each provinces are giving all the effort to spread the kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in their new life. 

The General House In Korea
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